The School since inception has not been performing well until 3 years ago when there was a change of Headship.

Here is a table for results

Year A A B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- E
2007       1 7 7 15 8 1 0 0 0
2006     1 2 0 5 17 14 2 3 1 0
2005     1 2 6 9 15 13 1 0 0 0
2004     1 0 1 7 7 11 13 8 0 0
2003     0 0 1 1 5 6 13 10 2 0


1) The performance has been fair
2. However there are those girls who don’t make it to an average grade of a ‘C’.
This is because as a school, we have some challenges.


1. School fees payment is quite Low or None at all because of poverty levels of the parents.
This leads to absentism because I have to send away the girls from school to collect fees when comes in bits.

I do this cautiously because most of the girls when sent home periodically will not come back to school. Their parents will prefer them to stay out of school and help then in domestic chaos

2. Lack of exposure and interaction with other schools due to distance and poor road network.
To get to Marsabit from Nairobi you use an open lorry used to transport animals for sell and you cling on top of the rails as the animals occupy the loading side.

The school is so distant from others. We do not have means for exposure trips.

3. Water is also another constraint to performance.
The school relies on seasonal spring from a volcanic mountain, which drys up when the rains stop.
The girls hardly have enough water. At most 10 Liters per week is rationed for them. The cost of a water browser is Ksh 20,000.00 per 14,000 Liters Tank. This is only enough for one cleaning session.

4. Teaching Aids. Textbooks are not enough and so the students have to keep sharing books. The Library is not well equipped. Out updated books and the free Donations.
We have books weeded out from other libraries, but quite few.

5. Lack of Teachers' Houses in the school. The teachers live 5km away from the school and most of the time supervision of leaning is quite a problem. Extra teaching hours are not possible due to the distances.

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